The Company for Millennium, Almas Caviar

Almas Caviar Co., Ltd. produces and sells the finest caviar, one of the three world delicacies. To provide fresh taste, Almas Caviar does not use any preservatives, but only uses bay salt.

Almas Caviar is dedicated to protecting sturgeons (CITES-listed species) by using its Sustainable Technology (science of preserving species) when producing caviar.

Almas Caviar exports its caviar to the world including US and Japan and has been invited to various international seafood shows such as Boston International Seafood Show and Seafood Expo Global. Also, Almas Caviar has been acclaimed by The New York Times food journalist, Jay Weinstein and other famous professionals and critics for its quality and taste.

Almas Caviar will continue to produce the best quality caviar.

Thank you

Edward Han
C.E.O and founder of Almas Caviar