The word caviar originates from “khaya,”

which means fish roe in Persian and “dar,” which means child birth in Persian. Caviar is one of the three world delicacies and has long been considered a luxury.

For centuries, since the time of Ancient Egypt, caviar has been a symbol of love and wealth. Because caviar has 20 times more various essential nutrients than any other fish roe or food, it is close to a perfect nutrition provider, containing well balanced low fat, low calories, high protein and more. Accordingly, caviar is an exceptional health and diet food.

Further, as caviar is effective to hematopoiesis and growing strength, if pregnant women or post-surgery patients consume caviar, they can recuperate faster than those who do not consume the jewel of the sea. Caviar also helps prevent heart and lung diseases, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism and various other ailments. Moreover, due to its anti-aging and skin regenerating effects, caviar is sued for burn treatment and cosmetics.

As caviar has a similar structure to human cell, people can obtain benefits quickly by either digesting or applying caviar to their skin.

Note: When served, caviar should be placed in a glass or ceramic container and should be scooped by a spoon made of mother-of-pearl, seashell, pure gold, or plastic. Metal utensils should not be used because caviar is highly acidic and may oxidize metal. Consequently, this may reduce the fine taste of caviar.