Harmony between Human and Nature

Almas Caviar is committed to find a new order that can let human and nature live in harmony and create a beautiful world of sustainable coexistence.

Almas Caviar strives to think with the values that allow coexisting of man and nature instead of the men-centered values by being the messenger of silent nature.

Based on such philosophy, Almas Caviar produces eco-friendly caviar by using its Sustainable Technology (science of preserving species).

Almas Caviar is a gift from human and nature that follows the laws of nature and enriches human’s lives.

Natural Environment

Almas Caviar’s Aqua Farm is located nearby a sea lake which is the upstream of the Nam Han River.

The water quality and temperature altered by the four seasons are appropriate to raise sturgeon, and the sturgeons which grow in such an environment can produce best quality caviar.

Scientific Management

For raising sturgeons, scientific management is important in addition to the natural environment.

First, suitable nutrients for each phase of sturgeon’s growth need to be supplied.

Second, an environment allowing sturgeons to grow healthy needs to be maintained by effectively exterminating possible diseases.

Third, a habitat environment similar to the nature needs to be provided by scientific maintenance of facilities.